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RF Networks, Inc., was established in 1993 to fill the need for high-speed data modems on AM or FM fiber and broadband coaxial cable systems. RF Networks acquired the rights to an existing 802.3 10BROAD36 product line and has since developed several new product lines. The Model 5960 is a point-to-point RF modem that provides dedicated and reliable data paths over RF or HFC media. The Model 5140 is specifically designed to meet the needs of telephony-based microwave users but can also be used on other media. By using any of the Series 5000 Modems with the Unmanaged Bridge Interface or with standard remote bridges or routers, LAN interconnect for Ethernet becomes possible over many miles of AM fiber optic cable or multiple microwave hops. The FQPSK? version of the Model 5450 is specifically designed to provide reliable data while maintaining spectral control for applications that may encounter non-linear amplifiers. Since 1999, RF Networks has worked closely with the Advanced Range Telemetry (ARTM) program based at Edwards Air Force Base in California. This work has resulted in the development of the Model 2120 Enhanced Telemetry Demodulator, the Model 2241 Diversity Branch selector and the 10127 Baseband Modulator.

Joining With Teletronics Technology Corporation (TTC)

RF Networks was acquired by Teletronics Technology Corporation in November of 2006.

Mansour Radmand

Mansour Radmand,

President & CEO

Mansour Radmand is President and Chief Executive Officer of Teletronics Technology Corporation. Mr. Radmand co-founded TTC in 1998 and has been instrumental in leading the company to become one of the world's most respected suppliers of flight test instrumentation and networked data acquisition products and systems. Mr. Radmand has been in the communications, systems integration and engineering business since 1973. He has over 25 years of management experience and over 20 years of analog and digital design experience. He has held positions of Vice President, Program Manager, Engineering Manager and R&D Engineer for a major aerospace company. His engineering accomplishments include the design of first-generation programmable data systems and several advanced encoding algorithms for transmission of voice and data over digital low speed data trunks. Radmand holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Director of RF Networks, Rich Formeister

Rich Formeister,

Director of RF Networks

Mr. Formeister is Director of RF Networks, a division of Teletronics Technology Corporation and co-founder of RF Networks. He has 39 years of experience in engineering in the avionics and data communications industry with over 20 years of management experience. He is an active participant in the standards community and holds three patents. Rich received a BSEE from University of Illinois and an MS in Engineering with a concentration in Communications from Arizona State University.

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Product Areas

  • Broadband (Coaxial Cable, Fiber or Hybrid)
  • Telemetry
  • Satellite
  • Microwave (Telco and Wideband)
  • Wireless
  • Local Area Networking (802, Ethernet, FDDI, MAP)

Modulation Techniques

  • QPSK
  • Multi level QAM
  • GMSK
  • FSK
  • BPSK
  • Partial Response

Recovery Aids

  • FEC (Viterbi, Trellis, Reed-Solomon, Sequential)
  • Drop and Insert
  • Adaptive Equalization