ABL: Airborne Laser (Peace Through Light)

TTC Selected as Supplier for the ABL Program by BMDS

Boeing Missile Defense Systems, Albuquerque, New Mexico has selected Teletronics Technology Corporation (TTC), Bristol, PA as supplier of the Airborne Data Acquisition/Recording System to validate the performance of the high-energy laser and the on-board sensor/tracking systems to detect and destroy missiles during their boost phase. The ABL is a vital part of the nation’s defense strategy and will integrate a high-energy laser and adaptive optics technology into a Boeing 747 aircraft to kill boosting ballistic missiles hundreds of miles away.

TTC was selected based upon demonstrated performance and technical excellence. The provided equipment is based on the Tri-Service approved Common Airborne Instrumentation System (CAIS) technology, delivering next generation High Speed Data Acquisition Systems delivering one (1) Gigabit/Second data rate performance. Deliveries will commence in the next few weeks, to be completed in 6 months.

Teletronics specializes in furnishing “commercial off the shelf” (COTS) Products and Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Military/Aerospace Applications and Programs. The products include Signal Conditioning, Digital and Analog Data Acquisition, Solid State Recording, RF Telemetry, On-Board Data Analysis & Display, and PC Software support for on-site programming and pre-flight checkout. TTC is the world premier supplier of data acquisition systems and has previously supplied products and services to many US and International Programs including F-22, F-16, F-18 Aircraft, Bell 609 and Super Puma Helicopters, as well as UAV’s and Missiles. TTC was also selected as the Instrumentation Supplier for the F-35 (JSF) Program. TTC is an approved supplier for the US Tri-Service Common Airborne Instrumentation System (CAIS) used on many of these programs. They were also recognized by the US Small Business Administration as Vendor of the Year and are ISO 9001 Certified.