M-346 Advanced Fighter

Teletronics Technology Corporation Selected as Supplier for the M-346 Advanced Fighter Trainer Program by Aermacchi

S.p.AAermacchi S.p.A., Venegono Sup. (VA) ITALY has selected Teletronics Technology Corporation (TTC), Bristol, PA., USA as the Supplier of the Flight Test Instrumentation DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM (DAS) to support the Flight Tests and to validate the performance of the M-346 Advanced Fight Trainer Aircraft Prototypes. The M-346 Aircraft is being developed as part of a state-of-art training system that fulfills the needs of world wide Air Forces for modern military pilots training. The M-346 will mimic the behavior of modern fighters, including a programmable flight control system, and provide the best possible balance between high training effectiveness and low life cycle cost.

Teletronics specializes in furnishing "commercial off the shelf" (COTS) Products and Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Military/Aerospace Applications and Programs. The products include Signal Conditioning, Digital and Analog Data Acquisition, Solid State Recording, RF Telemetry, On-Board Data Analysis & Display, and PC Software support for on-site programming and pre-flight checkout.

TTC was selected based upon its "CAIS" DAS system technical performance and flexibility using standard products as well as other commercial considerations including price and delivery after extensive competitive review by Aermacchi. The contract will exceed one (1) million USD and deliveries will commence later this year.

TTC is the world premier supplier of data acquisition systems and has previously supplied products and services to many US and international Programs including F-22, F-16, F-18 Aircraft, Bell 609 and Super Puma Helicopters, as well as UAV's and Missiles. TTC was also selected by Lockheed Martin as the Flight Test Instrumentation Supplier for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program. TTC is an approved supplier for the US TriService Common Airborne Instrumentation Systems (CAIS) used on many of these Programs. They were also recognized by the US Small Business Administration as Vendor of the Year and are ISO-9001 Certified.